Above Ground Storage Tanks

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We help you get more value from your tank at every stage of its life. From design and maintenance to improving functionality and extending your tank’s lifespan, PTTG specializes in helping you leverage this critical asset.

Aboveground storage tanks (AST) — storage containers or systems of storage containers located above the earth’s surface — offer great versatility for a wide range of applications. Often found in industrial settings, above ground storage tanks can be used to hold various materials, including petroleum or oil, waste matter, water, chemicals, and hazardous materials.

Industry-Leading Storage Tank Manufacturers

At Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group (PTTG), we have extensive experience Building Above Ground Storage Tanks, having produced and erected thousands of welded steel tanks over the years. In fact, we manufacture and construct hundreds of above ground storage tanks each year, providing reliable, versatile solutions for companies in diverse industries, from food and beverage processing to energy and chemical.

All of our above ground storage tanks meet the strictest standards and regulations, including:

API 620

API 650


AWWA D-100

Factory Mutual

And any other applicable standards

Our team prioritizes consistent collaboration and communication, working closely with clients’ teams to develop long-lasting solutions tailored to their exact needs. Whether perfecting a design, conducting routine maintenance, improving tank performance, increasing tank longevity, or providing specialized coatings and linings, we ensure every AST we manufacture fits our customers’ specific application requirements.

Our Capabilities

As North America’s leading full-service tank supplier, PTTG has the expertise and capabilities needed to produce top-quality custom above ground storage tanks. Our experienced team of engineers is capable of Designing Tanks for many different uses and has a solid understanding of ever-shifting, often complex industry standards. This allows us to create original drawings and sound engineering calculations that meet any type of design request. In addition to our design team, our staff is also comprised of trained foundations specialists who can install many different foundation types — including ringwall, slab, and pad pier, as well as driven piles, caissons, and auger cast piles. These diverse capabilities allow us to meet virtually any building code.

Our storage tank fabrication facility is optimized for safety and efficiency, featuring state-of-the-art equipment — including a CNC plasma cutter, rolling and forming machines, a vertical Wheelabrator, an environmental controlled paint room, and 24 overhead cranes — allowing us to accommodate any kind of design request. Additionally, we are able to produce our welded steel tanks in a number of different materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, AL-6XN, Duplex 2205 and 2304, and various clad metals. We also offer Routine Tank Maintenance, various coatings and linings, and Insulation And Reinsulation services.

Our Commitment to Quality

We take quality seriously and ensure that all of our above ground storage tanks meet relevant regulatory requirements. Since storage tanks often contain materials that can be harmful or dangerous to the environment or people if released, the federal government sets forth strict regulations regarding the construction and use of ASTs in various settings — particularly when storing petroleum products. We proudly meet all design, management, and testing/monitoring requirements, including those set forth under 40 CFR 112 for oil.

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Since our founding in 1919, PTTG has been providing long-lasting, reliable tank solutions — quickly and efficiently fabricating and installing hundreds of above ground storage tanks every year. Thanks to our fully equipped and highly efficient facility, plentiful inventory, and skilled design teams and installation crews, we can offer solutions for a huge range of industries and applications. In fact, our welded steel tanks have been used in fire protection, potable/wastewater, power, chemical, petroleum, jet fuel, food processing, thermal energy storage, cryogenic, pulp, paper, and bulk commodity storage applications, among many others.

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