Communication Towers

The team at Allstate Tower, Inc. is proud to offer communication tower manufacturing and installation services for a wide range of broadcast and telecommunication applications.

In addition to designing and supplying towers, we also fabricate key tower accessories and provide industry-leading maintenance and dismantle services for companies across the United States and around the world.

All of our engineering, drafting, and manufacturing personnel operate under the same roof, guaranteeing optimal accuracy, effective communication, significant cost savings, and quick, efficient solutions for our customers, not to mention improved product quality.

Design and Build Services

Our parent company, Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group (PTTG), which has been providing industry-leading services since 1919, is comprised of top industry professionals with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of towers, modification materials, and foundations for the broadcast and telecommunication sectors. All fabrication work is done in accordance with Allstate’s AISC Certification.

PTTG’s licensed professional and structural engineers possess stamps in all 50 states, as well as overseas. Making use of a wide array of cutting-edge analysis and design software, including tnxTower, SAP2000, and RISA-3D, this skilled team can tackle even the most complex tower engineering jobs. Allstate Tower’s drafting department works closely with clients’ project managers to fully understand their unique needs and delivery deadlines.


Our skilled technicians are experienced in installing all types of towers, as well as antennas and foundation systems. Site and civil installations can also be completed. All installations are performed with state-of-the-art, top-quality equipment to ensure optimal safety and compliance with applicable OSHA, ANSI, and TIA standards

But Allstate doesn’t just install towers. Crews are trained and equipped to offer complete turnkey installation services, such as site clearing, access-road construction, security fencing, and foundation installation. Shelters, generators, and propane tanks can also be installed by our professionals.


We offer antenna and line maintenance, plumb and tension services, and tower and site grounding capabilities. In addition, we can provide and install safety climb systems, lightning protection, air terminal solutions, down conductors, spline balls, brushes, and halos as needed.

All safety systems are designed to ensure compliance with OSHA standards and EIA/TIA 222 codes. We employ state-of-the-art equipment to align and set guy wire tensions to specific client specifications.

AM ground systems are offered for single-tower designs. Large AM arrays are also offered. Site grounding is available to meet all types of application needs, whether clients require basic rods or more complex solutions.

Modification Materials and Accessories

In addition to offering a variety of towers, Allstate manufactures a number of modification materials, including split pipe, X-bracing, bridge stiffeners, U/V-bolts, waveguide ladders, internal/external climbing ladders, and lighting packages. A full range of tower accessories is available, such as beacon, dish, and antenna mounting, as well as lightning rod extensions, ice bridges, and shields.

As with our installation services, we adhere to EIA/TIA, ASCE, IBC, AWS, and AISC standards for tower modification designs and fabrication.

Inspections, Analysis, and sUAS Drone Capabilities

Our inspection crews make use of cutting-edge equipment to thoroughly and accurately assess the condition of clients’ towers. Laser range finders, for instance, are used for precise measurements. Other key equipment includes center-of-radiation levels, transits, tension-meters, digital dynamometers, Radman RF detectors, and small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) drones.

Whether clients require complete site analyses, tower mapping, or troubleshooting services, our expert team — which includes two sUAS Part 107 licensed pilots — has a solution at the ready.


When towers need to be taken down, our team can easily handle dismantle and removal services, as well as any necessary scrap disposal and site cleanup.

Our Commitment to Safety

To ensure safety for workers, the public, and the environment, compliance with federal regulations and inspection guidelines is crucial. The team at Allstate takes this very seriously; all our products are specifically engineered for the intended site location and surrounding terrain per ANSI/TIA-222 standards. Our offerings are also tailored to meet specified loadings.

Inspectors have access to state-of-the-art equipment, and visually inspect all towers for compliance with applicable TIA, OSHA, and FAA/FCC requirements.

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Allstate Tower, Inc., a Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group company, is proud to be an AISC Certified Fabricator, serving as one of the premier communication tower manufacturers. We offer industry professionals the finest, most reliable products on the market, and can provide reliable tower solutions tailored to exact client needs.

Request a quote today to learn how we can help with your unique telecommunication needs and discuss communication tower construction options with an expert.