“It is more blessed to give than receive,” Acts 20:35. Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group is always looking to give back to the community, whether that’s by donating a steel bridge for a walking path in Audubon State Park or opening the company’s centennial celebration to the public. Another big way that the company gives back is through PTTG’s charitable giving committee.

Pittsburg has long been a supporter of charities, but in 2016 it was decided that the company would be more intentional with its charitable donations. Thus, was formed the PTTG charitable giving committee.

Its mission statement is to provide opportunities to enhance the dignity and quality of life for individuals, families, and our community by eliminating barriers. PTTS aspires to share its time, resources, and collective efforts to enrich community members’ lives.

“The committee is dedicated to supporting our local charities, as long as it falls within the guidelines of the criteria they set,” said Lynell Russell, who oversees donation applications for the committee.

The committee reviews every request for contributions that promote health, education, and faith-based programs within the local community. The committee has set criteria for which projects and organizations receive donations. For instance, the committee likes to give to local children’s programs that support education, nutritional programs, and faith-based programs.

Applicants that meet certain criteria may receive monetary contributions. One of the criteria is that the donation supports a wide group of people. For example, the committee approved a donation that helped replace a local middle school’s gymnasium scoreboard. Since the scoreboard will be used by many groups at the school for years to come, it fit the committee’s donation criteria. The committee does not typically sponsor or donate to individual sports teams since it would not be fair to support, say the high school boy’s soccer team, but not the other 50 teams making a request.

The committee has approved donations for Teen Challenge, Young Life, the Hugh Sandefur Center, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Marsha’s Place, Christian Community Outreach, the Henderson County Diabetes Coalition, SEED which stands for Sobriety Each and Every Day, the Cliff Hagan Boys & Girls Club of Henderson, Audubon Kids Zone the Brain Injury Adventure Camp, and the Henderson Community Foundation to help Henderson residents who have suffered financial strain due to COVID-19, among several others.

Sadly, there are way too many requests for our charitable giving committee to respond to, but we are happy to do what we do.

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