Communication Towers and Water Towers – you see them everywhere. Water is necessary to sustain life. Some might argue that cell phones are a necessity to modern life. The products and services of the employee-owned Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group help provide these essentials.

There are four distinct companies under Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group’s umbrella: Pittsburg Tank Ground Division, Pittsburg Tank Maintenance Division, Allstate Tower and Liquid Enginering Corporation. Three are in Henderson, Kentucky. The two Pittsburg businesses are housed in the same building, while Allstate Tower is located a short drive away. Liquid Engineering Corporation located in Billings, Montana is the fourth company.

Each company has its specialties. Pittsburg Tank Ground Division focuses on fabricating and erecting new aboveground welded carbon steel water storage tanks. Pittsburg Tank Maintenance Division’s objective is keeping existing tanks of all kinds in working order. Allstate Tower concentrates on communications towers, as well as fabricating steel support structures such as steel catwalks. Liquid Engineering specializes in dive services for water tanks.

Pittsburg Tank Ground Division:

PTTG has extensive experience building aboveground storage tanks, having erected thousands of steel tanks over the years.

Pittsburg has a large, onsite, state-of-the-art storage tank fabrication facility which can make steel tanks that fit any needs. Each shop-built tank is fabricated to conform to different standards, whether that is API, AWWA, NFPA, Factory Mutual or more. PTTG also field erects tanks.

PTTG fabricates the following tanks:

Pittsburg Tank Maintenance Division:

The maintenance division is a true master of many trades. Whether it’s inspections, cleanouts, maintenance, repairs or dismantles, Pittsburg offers a full maintenance package.

PTTG offers dry, ROV and dive inspections and cleanouts. The company provides an electronic version of what each ROV inspection discovers.

Water tank painting is one of the best ways to protect and extend the life of your storage tanks. This is true not only for new storage tanks that have just been erected but also for older tanks that have been in service for many years. Regardless of their age, fresh paint can help to extend the life of a tank by protecting it from weather, pollutants, wind, and more.

Sometimes a tank or tower is past its prime and needs to be dismantled for safety reasons. PTTG can do that. Crews are also capable of safely moving tanks to new locations and raising or lowering them to provide better water pressure. PTTG has successfully raised tanks with capacities ranging up to five million gallons. Are your tank’s legs and foundation in good condition? Maybe just the container needs replacing. We do that too, which can save customers money.

Allstate Tower:

Allstate Tower services everything from small operations to large systems. Allstate has also completed jobs for customers just a stone’s throw away from its Henderson office to half the world away. The company has shipped its quality products to more than 60 countries.

Allstate is an AISC Certified Fabricator, which attests that Allstate is an expert in providing quality products. Whether its standard superstructures, bucket elevator support towers or catwalks, Allstate can design and fabricate products that meet customers’ needs and are up to code.

Shipping is expensive. Allstate uses angle construction. Angle construction stacks nicely into an “L” formation, making it ideal for shipping containers.

It takes up less space than square or round tubing and requires fewer containers, which means it costs less to ship.

Liquid Engineering Corporation:

Liquid Engineering Corporation is the nation’s most experienced in-service water storage tank cleaning and inspection service provider. Since 1988, LEC has set the industry standard for in-service water tank maintenance while servicing over 20,000 public and private water clients in 49 states.

LEC brings the right resources to every water tank maintenance project. We understand, and solve, the real problems faced by our clients every day. Our tank inspection professionals are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment, tools and training to work safely and efficiently, regardless of the demands of a specific job or unique environment.

PTTG Family:

Between our four companies, PTTG is a full-service tank and communication tower supplier. We do what’s best to satisfy the needs of our customers.

After all, we wouldn’t have been able to make it over 100 years as a business without our loyal customers.

We believe by staying true to our values, making quality products and offering valued services, we will be around for another 100 years.

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