Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group is a diversified company that is actually three separate entities under the same umbrella. Pittsburg’s Ground Division oversees the fabrication, manufacturing, and erection of new storage tanks and towers. Here’s an introduction to a few of the key individuals who help run the Ground Division.

Rick DiZinno

Rick DiZinno has been PTT’s vice president of sales and operations since 1997. He oversees all estimating and sales, as well as fabrication and field operations for the Ground Division. Rick has actually been with the company since 1991, serving as a project manager before he was promoted to vice president.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He holds an NASD Series Z License and variable contracts license.

Rick works very closely with his sales team. Members of the Ground Division sales team include Mike Robitzsch, regional sales/export manager; Dennis Davis, regional sales manager; and Greg Garber, director of national accounts. He and his team have a combined 115 years of experience so there is a lot of knowledge between them.

“We are a 100-year experienced tank contractor licensed to do business in virtually all states,” said Rick. “We take ultimate pride in safety, quality, and on-time completion.”

Rick said his team’s background and experience “provides a wealth of value to our customers. From value engineering to project alternatives and simplification.”

Rick can be reached at or at 270-826-9000 extension 2601 or at 270-748-1344.

Jess Elger

Jess Elger is a Certified Professional in Supply Management by the Institute for Supply Management. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Metallurgy and Materials Science and Administration and Management from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Duquesne University.

His career in the steel industry began in 1980 when he joined U.S. Steel Corporation. He brought his vast steel knowledge and expertise to Pittsburg’s Ground Division in 2015 when he was hired as the vice president of operations.

“In the past four years with PTT, my knowledge of our construction business grows every day,” Jess said. “I have been fortunate to bring some concepts of process and continuous improvement to work, along with knowledge of the steel market.”

As vice president of operations, Jess is responsible from concept to project completion for ground storage tanks. He oversees everything from gathering information to engineering drawings to project management to material purchasing to the fabrication process to shipping.

Jess said Pittsburg’s work, decisions, meetings, strategic initiatives, business strategy are aligned with our organization’s values – which are relationships, integrity, discipline, heritage.

“The safety of our workforce is our number one work priority,” he said. “We work on continuous improvement in all aspects of our business every day. We have 100 years of experience behind every tank we build, yet we challenge the status quo every day; there are very few family-owned companies that can boast of a 100-year heritage. It is evidence of significant distinction in the culture of excellence of the family and its business.”

Members of Jess’s team include Sean Wismer, project coordinator; Dillon Herdegen, project manager; Vicky Bland, project manager; Dylan Fox, project manager; Jamie McReynolds, project manager; and John Jessup, construction superintendent.

“This group has a very solid understanding of the business and a strong ability and expertise to match the quality and delivery of construction with its fitness for use,” said Jess. “As a result of a constant quest for continuous improvement, a natural outcome is significantly differentiating ourselves from our competitors and providing the customer overwhelming reasons to buy from us vs. our competitors. The team is highly capable of exceeding our customers’ expectations, no matter what the job.”

Jess can be reached by phone at 270-826-9000 extension 2301 or 270-823-4630 or via email at

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