The 2023 Employee Awards were announced at the annual Christmas Party on December 21, 2023. Congrats to all the nominees, runners-up and winners. Thanks for another great year at Pittsburg Tank& Tower Group!


2023 Employee Awards (left-to-right) Dylan Phelps -Johnny Award, Dalton Brown – Discipline Award, Vincent Savino – Rising Star Award, Rachel Stratton – Integrity Award, Ralph Van Hooser – Employee Excellence Award, Jada Powell – Relationship Award, Lynell Russell – Heritage Award

Discipline Award: This award is for the person who focuses on strong processes, clear communications and continually earns the trust of their peers and clients.

Nominees: Ambrose Floyd, Andrea Rowland, Archie Antia, Bill Cotty, Brandon Dawson, Brittany Miller, Chris Thomas, Craig Bozsa, Dalton Brown, Dylan Fox, Eddie Todd, Eric Blackwell, Ethan Evans, Gabe Ralph, Jeremy Lane, Jeremy Sholar, Joe Thomas, Josh Gansman, Justin Wright, Kay Dean, Kevin Haire, Kevin Rickard, Mark Buddemeyer, Nick Riley, Patrick Hocking, Rachel Smithhart, Rachel Stratton, Ralph Van Hooser, Rick Crowder, Scott Peerman, Sean Wismer, Shalyn Rice, Suzanne Fowler, Tim Mayes, Torey Lindsey, Vincent Savino, Will Ladd.

Congrats to Dalton Brown, 2023 Discipline Award winner & runner-up Andrea Rowland.

Heritage Award: This award is for an employee who understands the significance of the company’s heritage and takes pride in who we are and what we do.

Nominees: Bill Head, Brandon Dawson, Chris Collins, Chris Johnston, James Thompson,Jamie McReynolds, Jason Stone, John Jessup, Kevin Haire, Kevin Parkest,Kevin Roth, Levi Johnston, Lynell Russell, Mark Lowery, Mark Peters, Melinda Jones, Michael Wright, Mike Wethington, Pancho Payne, Ralph Van Hooser, Shelly Harralson, Suzanne Fowler, Tim Mayes, Vicky Caudill

Congrats to Lynell Russell, 2023 Heritage Award winner & runner-up Bill Head.

Integrity Award: The recipient of this award demonstrates honesty and moral soundness in everything they do. The employee sets a high standard for ethical conduct.

Nominees: Angela Garrett, Chris Cook, Chris Thomas, Dakota Gentry, Dalton Brown, Danny Fitzgerrel, Gabe Ralph, Jeremy Sholar, Kevin Haire, Matt Neely, Michael Wright, Mike Wethington, Pancho Payne, Paul Blanford, Rachel Stratton, Ralph Van Hooser, Sean Hill, Sean Wismer, Tim Mayes, Vicky Bland

Congrats to Rachel Stratton, 2023 Integrity Award winner & runner-up Sean Hill.

Relationship Award: The winner is committed to always doing what is right and what builds the strongest long-term value for our clients, our people, and our community.

Nominees: Alisa Saalwaechter, Bill Head, Brett Kerr, Cheryl Schutte, Dalton Brown, David Cervantes, Dylan Fox, Ethan Evans, Glenda Moore, Jada Powell, Jimmy White, Jr., Kevin Haire, Lynell Russell, Mark Peters, Michael Wright, Mike Wethington, Ralph Van Hooser, Sean Hill, Sean Wismer, The HR team, Torey Linsdey, Vicky Bland

Congrats to Jada Powell, 2023 Relationship Award winner & runner-up Sean Wismer.

Rising Star Award: This award is for one individual, new to the company, whose work demonstrates ongoing exceptional growth and high potential for future impact. The person consistently goes above and beyond and makes a positive impact in the work environment.

Nominees: Aaron Hagen, Allen Hayes, Blade Ramey, Brandon Verrett, Christopher Dermody, Colton Poe, Dakota Paul, Dakota Winter, Dylan Bailey, Harley Haire, Jody Rumage, Khi Bergmann, Nikolas Medrano, Noah Lowe, Samuel Carpenter, Scott Turner, Sebastian Tomaso, StephanieDay, Vincent Savino, Weston Rutherford

Congrats to Vincent Savino 2023 Rising Star Award winner & runners up: Dylan Bailey & Sebastian Tomaso.

Employee Excellence Award: The recipient of this award is an employee who engages in ongoing high-quality performance, exceeds expectations, displays a positive attitude, and maintains outstanding relations with colleagues. They embody personal attributes that align with our core values.

Nominees: Ambrose Floyd, Danny Fitzgerrel, Dillon Herdegen, Jeremy Sholar, Kevin Atwood, Kevin Haire, Kevin Parkest, Kris Wilkerson, Kyle Alten, Leah Arnett, Lynell Russell, Mike Wethington, Pancho Payne, Paul Blanford, Rachel Stratton, Ralph Van Hooser, Rick Crowder, Rodney Cox, Sean Wismer,Torey Lindsey, Tyler Comer


Congrats to Ralph Van Hooser 2023 Employee Excellence Winner & runner up Pancho Payne.

The Johnny Award: Johnny’s journey through life as a Christian & an unwavering optimist, despite life’s challenges, served PTTG with tenacity & perseverance throughout his career. As such, the “Johnny Award” serves as recognition, by the Chairman of the Board & President, of someone who’s career contributions mirror Johnny’s Faith, Optimism, Tenacity, & Perseverance to positively impact PTTG’s People, Vision, & Mission.


Congrats to Dylan Phelps, 2023 Johnny Award winner.

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