About Us.

We're Okay with Being Old School

The people who buy from us are experts in their fields. They’re not in the market for a song and dance. They need a partner who can get the thing done when it’s supposed to get done so they can keep moving.

We’re large and growing, but we’re doing so in a managed fashion, choosing experts over investors. We’ve spent over 100 years growing this employee-owned business in ways we hope earn us another 100.

We’re continually improving our people, products, and processes so we can handle the load, manage surprises, and ensure that our “yes” will always be “yes,” and our “no” will always be “no.”

Learn about Pittsburg Tank & Tower’s full service offerings, from engineering and design to fabrication and maintenance. Learn what sets us apart from the competition!

We don’t sell do-dads, smartphones, or fancy coffee. We design, build, and maintain huge things made of steel that are meant to withstand massive burdens for decades.

Our Vision

Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group strives to embody integrity and excellence while fostering a workplace rooted in faith, humility, and service to all, guided by our shared commitment to a higher purpose.

Our Mission

We provide our customers unmatched lifetime value on every dollar they invest in our products, services, and expertise. We do this by partnering with our customers to address complex and multi-vendor projects confidently, so they can take on greater challenges than ever before.

Our Values


With roots as a family business, unencumbered by commitments to investors or any outsiders, we are free to always do what’s right and what builds the strongest long-term value for our clients, our people, and our community


We design, build, and service real things, with real implications to the world. That shapes what we value, what we think of a handshake, what we mean when we sign a contract, and who we choose to be in our community.


Our projects involve a very high level of integrity. This reality forces a seriousness of intention in our culture, and focuses us on strong processes, clear communication, and continually earning the trust of our peers and clients.


In an industry that expects expertise, we’ve continued 100 years of excellence. In a time when the world celebrates tools, we continue to celebrate craft and an honest day’s work.

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